Work Education/Work Experience

RAH work experience

To support students in developing skills, knowledge and confidence in the work place, students are involved in work experience programmes. Students under the age of 15 participate in programmes within the school, whilst students 15 years and older participate in wider community and organisational programmes.

These include:

  • Royal Adelaide Hospital RAH
  • Product Action
  • Bedford
  • State-Wide Transition Program.
  • Vocational Education Training - Prospect Centre
  • Kensington Centre Café : Students from year 9 - 12 operate a café service for the local school community which opens Wednesdays 12pm - 1:30pm weekly. Intensive training includes health regulations, safety rules, planning summer/winter menus, shopping lists, food preparation, kitchen hand, serving patrons, cooperation with workmates and handling finances with students rotating through these varying roles.