Community Access

tandem cycle

Students are taught independence and skill development to enable them to become active and contributing community members and this is accomplished through a number of initiatives. These focus on developing independent living skills and providing inexpensive leisure opportunities inclusive of all students using public transport, school bus and walking and bike riding within the community.

These programmes include:

  • Belair National Park
  • Whale watching at Victor Harbor
  • Seahorse Farm
  • Morialta Conservation Park
  • St Kilda Mangrove Walk
  • Beach walks

Targeted programmes are designed to specifically address special needs of student cohorts. An example of this includes:

Friday afternoon programme: Students with Aspergers Disorder participate in a social learning program whereby they interact and network with students with from a neighbouring secondary school. Outcomes include establishing and maintaining friendships, initiating conversation, language and social skill development, collaborative planning and buddy formation.